Marines Receive Pay Cut, PTO

Barrett testified to congress, saying, “The Commandant and I think it would be entirely appropriate to give our Marines thirty days of paid time off (PTO) in exchange for a five percent pay cut to their total monthly compensation.”

Cavalry Scouts Awarded Tab and Beret

United States Army Cavalry Scouts will finally be given the distinguished headgear and shoulder tab they have long argued that they have not only earned, but also deserve.

SEAL Team One Stood Down

Navy SEALs, most popularly known for their domination on the field of battle as well as the media industry, have recently ran into problems that have left one team combat ineffective.

Failed Obamacare™ Architect to Take Over as Head of Veterans’ Administration

With news of the end of Shinseki’s lingering influence over the Army and the much-anticipated demise of the black beret, impromptu black beret burning ceremonies reportedly occurred at Army bases worldwide. 

A New Study Reveals Plans to Force the Military Into ObamaCare™

A new study leaked  just nine days ago blew the lid of secrecy off of a sinister and shockingly complex plot by senior Obama Administration officials to force the US military out of its popular and highly-regarded health care provider, Tricare, and into the floundering ObamaCare™ system.

Top 10 Reasons John Kerry is the Best Secretary of State Ever

Secretary of State John Kerry is widely known and respected for his views on everything from education to foreign policy, and America is lucky to have him at the helm of our diplomatic efforts. Below, we outlined the top ten reasons he is not only a great Secretary of State, but the best that has ever held the position...

Russian Forces Building Outside Of Alaska

Putin went on to give the historical context for justifying annexation.  “This is simply a return to the status quo, a righting of the international wrong that was done to Russia when we were stripped of our Alaskan province.  Alaska was, and will be again, sovereign Russian territory.  This will be a completely peaceful transition,” Putin claimed, “We’re only sending our army over to ease the transition back to Russian control and to protect the ethnic Russians that might get caught in the crossfire.” 

France Surrenders to Russia

Early reports are flowing out of Europe that President Francois Hollande has tendered Frances surrender to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a surprising Monday morning power play. The move has sent tidal waves through the international diplomatic community, with many concerned that the move will prove to only embolden the aggressive Russian war machine.

Taliban Leader: Sexual Harassment is Never OK!

“Let me be clear: if you like your homosexual jihadi sex partner, you may keep your homosexual jihadi sex partner. My new plan doesn’t change that. But listen, sexual harassment is never OK, even on Thursdays,”

PETA Protests Local Texas Taxidermist

The animal rights community is infuriated after a local taxidermy business put an advertisement on Craigslist late Wednesday night. Although taxidermy is a common practice, especially in Texas, this particular ad was enough to stir the emotions of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to the point of action. 

You Won't Believe What The Media Is On Fire About

Professional writers from Los Angeles to New York are trying to emulate and implement the new technique, but are only ending up confused and disenchanted