Hit The Woodline have been writing satire articles for a while now. Some people enjoy them; others vehemently oppose them and accuse us of spreading lies or fear mongering. Well, behind everything we do there is a purpose. I think taking a minute to tell you why we do what we do is important and worthwhile. Although there are many varieties of satire and it is a form of writing that has been in place for literally thousands of years, why we do it can be boiled down to two simple reasons.

The first is that we want to entertain, which is where our more comedic satire comes in. If we can poke fun at something or someone and give you a laugh in the midst of this crazy world we live in, than that is totally worth it. Much of our comedic satire can be seen as just that – easily recognizable as not real, but funny and entertaining. Everyone is fair game and we don’t play favorites! Life is too much to handle if you take it too seriously, 100% of the time. We hope to break up the monotony here and there.



The second reason is the source of our more serious and not-so-funny satire. Sometimes serious satirical articles are the best way to call attention to serious issues, people, or events. Our satire articles outperform our “real” pieces (which have all been moved to The Havok Journal) by a very wide margin. So, if we want to bring something we feel is important to a large audience, satire is a great vehicle to accomplish that mission. Serious satire pieces are often less recognizable as not real, but we always try to leave a few hints for the keen observer to pick up on!

A word on what we are not… We are not trying to copy The DuffelBlog or The Onion. They also produce excellent satire, but I think we are in our own little niche in the satire world. We are not here to fear monger, spread lies, or put out “bad” journalism. We put a lot of effort into our writing for the reasons mentioned above. Our hope is that the comedic satire produces a laugh or two, and the serious satire makes you look at the issue we present a bit closer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to continue delivering top quality content!

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