April 12, 2014

Russian Forces Building Outside Of Alaska

Putin went on to give the historical context for justifying annexation.  “This is simply a return to the status quo, a righting of the international wrong that was done to Russia when we were stripped of our Alaskan province.  Alaska was, and will be again, sovereign Russian territory.  This will be a completely peaceful transition,” Putin claimed, “We’re only sending our army over to ease the transition back to Russian control and to protect the ethnic Russians that might get caught in the crossfire.” 

March 3, 2014

France Surrenders to Russia

Early reports are flowing out of Europe that President Francois Hollande has tendered Frances surrender to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a surprising Monday morning power play. The move has sent tidal waves through the international diplomatic community, with many concerned that the move will prove to only embolden the aggressive Russian war machine.

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