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America Needs A Dynasty

Jeb Bush’s campaign is hustling to do damage control after an exchange Sunday between Bush and John Dickerson on CBS’s “Face the Nation” wherein Bush seemed to defend America’s need for dynasty.

The slip happened when Dickerson was asking Bush about his family and if the country really needs a third member of the same family in the White House within three decades and if such a precedent would really be healthy for American democracy. Bush seemed to become frustrated and then said, “A Bush family dynasty is the only thing that can save this country!”

When pressed by Dickerson, Bush seemed to dig his hole deeper, explaining that history was filled with powerful, dynastic families that ruled effectively and for the good of their people.

DICKERSON: “So, now you’re defending monarchy? You think that the United States needs to be ruled by a monarchy?”

BUSH: “Look, no, but ‘monarchy’ is a very slippery term. And, also, my staff, what’s left of it, has done an exhaustive search and found that most monarchs through history were actually very good conservatives. And a dynasty would alleviate the need for political parties. Without internecine political party bickering and warfare, a lot more would get done in this country. So, there’s that.”

When asked how a Bush dynasty would be better than a Clinton, Kennedy, or even a Trump Dynasty, Bush seemed to look at Dickerson with scorn, and said, “Have you seen the way those people live? Is that really what you want for America?”

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