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“You Won’t BELIEVE What Tattoo The Sergeant Major of the Army Is Getting!!

“The Vote” is in.  And it doesn’t look good for the Army.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey did some motivational things after taking over. The biggest from the lower enlisted point of view on up was that he reversed the tattoo policy for the Army. High quality soldiers were being forced out because they had a few too many tattoos or they had a “bronie” where it could be seen. Then there are guys with tramp stamps but that is another issue entirely.

marine tattoo

Do you want a Marine tattoo? Because crowdsourcing is the way you get a Marine tattoo.

But then he went one step further. Having no tattoos of his own, he took it to the next level and asked for suggestions on what he should get for his very first tattoo. In a move sure to make the history books, he even went to so far as to put it to a vote and put his integrity and skin on the line by stating that the majority vote winner would be his first ink.

The outpouring was fabulous and tattooed servicemen far and wide deliberated on what they would recommend. The anticipation of the vote was huge and even folks like me got a bit excited.

In May 2015, voting opened on his page and the feedback was tremendous as it was opinionated. To say that there are those who love their tats is a pale shadow of the truth. To add that even in the best of times, trolls will post ignorant shit is an understatement. By end of voting, the Army Times reported that over 20 million votes came in with not only tattoo type, color, style, but also location.

20 million is a lot of votes for one tat but the voting system broke it down and something incredible happened. Common theme tattoos were grouped together and compiled for the count and when all was said and counted, there were 19,378,423, 987 individual entries in place.

One entry however had over a hundred thousand plus votes and was a clear winner. However, while the voters met all the standards of the voting rules, something approaching a near religious experience happened.

The vote was open to all but it was expected that the Army would be the participants. That expectation was not properly validated nor was the repercussions thought through. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children participated in the vote for SMA Dailey, not only did those stalwart members of the Marines vote, but they also, in a show of unrivaled democracy and fidelity, voted within 90% accuracy for the same tattoo and located on the same location of the body.

SMA Dailey said he would accept the vote; he counted on the professionalism of his force to provide not only with a motivational image but something in keeping with his personal dignity and professionalism. He set the rules and said so long as the tattoo picked was within the guidelines; he would wear that ink proudly. The show of force of the Marines has not disappointed.

SMA Dailey’s tattoo selection, with the highest majority of the vote by over 10%, will be the Marine Corps EGA over his left breast. A tat of GEN Mattis on his left ass cheek was runner up.

Article 15 has stated that they will fly him to El Paso and pay for everything, we are checking to see when he will arrive.




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