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US Army in Trademark Dispute with Navy over Navy SEAL Logo

The Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs has officially acknowledged that it was first, before Disney, to file for trademark rights associated with the now famous Navy’s SEAL Trident Insignia, and other undisclosed slogans.

In an official statement Army Public Affairs said, “The Army recognized that the SEAL logo was becoming very popular in mainstream America, and decided it would be good for the Army to file for and exploit the rights long-term. Frankly we were surprised the Navy hadn’t protected its rights, it was a real shock to us but a pleasant one. Using the logo at events for our own purposes will be sure to boost the Army’s own recruiting efforts. It’s unfortunate that the Naval Special Warfare community didn’t capitalize on its own success.”

A Navy public affairs official spoke to us anonymously and said the Navy is still trying to figure out what happened, and assured HTWL that the Navy has filed a formal legal challenge. “Heads will roll for this, and someone’s career will end because of this.”, said the PAO we spoke with on the condition of anonymity.

With all the recent active and veteran Navy SEAL community Kardashian style in-fighting, and professional jealously of late, it’s no surprise to this writer that the Army got one over on Navy.





Ward Hansen
Ward Hansen
Ward Hansen is a US Navy veteran with over six years service as a photographers Mate (PH). He's been most places in the world people don't vacation and lived to tell about it.
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